We recommed that the vignettes are read and gone through the order as shown here below. This is done such that the reader understand what the package is doing and its capability. Also, that the data and model is setup in the correct way.

There are four vignettes included in the package:

  • setup-data (code) covers how data must be setup for an onlineforecast model. The vignette goes into details on how the observations and the model inputs (predictors) are setup. The vignette will also focus on the importance on understand the align the forecast in correct time.

  • setup-and-use-model (code) focus on how to setup the onlineforecast model and use it to generate forecasts.

  • model-selection (code) demonstrates how model selection can be carried out.

  • forecast-evaluation (code) provides an introduction to evaluation of generated forecasts and to analysis of the results with tips on learning how to improve a model.

  • online-updating (code) demonstrates how to update a model and forecasts when new observations becomes available.

In addition:

  • nice-tricks (code) provides useful some tips on how to make the work flow easier with the package.

For more particular examples of forecast applications, see the examples. For an in-depth description, read onlineforecasting.